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Hiring faculty and leadership positions is one of the chief duties of the board of education or the school board in most cases. Equally—in most cases, it is a task for which they are supremely unqualified and may not have a clue as to how to go about it.

School superintendents provide direction for the school system. They help to review and overcome elements such as high school drop out, lowered enrollment, poor test scores or poor student achievement. Finding the right candidate for the school superintendent position is imperative and a wrong hire can be devastating.

When LA Unified went looking for a new school superintendent a few years ago, they used an Executive Search firm to find it.

The reasons —at least to them—were clear. The executive search firm had a vast amount of experience in helping to find faculty or faculty leadership and they were the experts in the field. They had a broad network of people and they had a wide range of information about where to go to find the best people.

 More than that, they understood the need for complete confidentiality.  They understood that the more confidentiality was out there in the job search the better the candidate pool was going to be. Exposure of the candidates to anyone except those who needed to interview them was going to negatively impact the job search because it would negatively impact the kind of candidates who would apply. 

In many cases, when candidates who are in a position of faculty leadership are seen to be candidates for another position, they lose face in their current position and eventually lose the position. If a candidate is seen to be vying for another position they are no longer seen as reliable or as someone who is in the position for the long term. This means that using a search firm who can keep the identity of the candidates close to the vest is all important to getting the right candidates for the job.

Executive search firms are well schooled in the ins and outs of finding faculty leadership and know how best to go about the task. Typically when seeking out a superintendent or another upper member of the school hierarchy, it is best to use the experienced search team in order to ensure the best possible outcome for your school system.

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