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A school administrator is a job entailing lots of responsibility.  You are the head of the school and are responsible for each student’s education and have to maintain and improve the school’s reputation at any cost. You also have to decide on staffing decisions, which is why these many qualities make a great school principal.

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A superintendent, when you get right down to it, is the CEO of a school district. Not only are they responsible for supervising and hiring other administrators, they also choose who will be the chief financial officer as well as who is hired to become the school principals. Although the superintendent is responsible for what happens within a school district, they are still answerable to the board of trustees. However, unlike principals and teachers, a superintendent isn’t hired, they’re elected into the position. So, what are the qualities that make for a great superintendent of a school district?

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What makes a great principal? It shouldn’t just stop at your love of education or your desire to improve the lives of the young people around you. There’s more to being a principal than meets the eye. You should have qualities that cover a vast array of talents and abilities. After all, a principal is just like a president. Lead them well!

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