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It is commonly perceived that potential employees will be chased away by revealing the payout of your job opening. This is an erroneous belief.

Still, many companies choose to keep this nugget of information undisclosed, and this practice spans across all job sectors. Most working adults understand that this offers the illusion of confidentiality and a false sense of negotiability when in truth, somewhere on a desk in the HR department, is a veiled document that states the fixed salary for a job role.

However, people still bite the proverbial bait regardless and leap for that next enigmatic job vacancy.

We examine how the omission of salary ranges remains a major flaw in the current job market and all employers should stay transparent on the issue of dollars and cents.

False Draw of Anonymity

There might be some level of positivity in anonymity, leading to a larger pool of signups. However, problems may outweigh the good in such a scenario.  Think about it, you could be drawing hordes of applicants who are not willing to accept the stipulated salary (when it is eventually disclosed). This could lead to a waste of time and human resources in sieving through tons of applications that do not make the salary cut despite their interest and qualification for the job opening.

Prevent the hassle, state the sum from the beginning as a form of criterion on its own.

Perpetuating Prejudice

Due to the nature of certain racial and cultural practices, members of some communities are less accustomed to aggressive negotiation tactics compared to others. Studies also show a disparity in composure and overall social responses between genders.  This creates a situation whereby people are shortchanged by their employers essentially due to a lack of negotiation skills.

Thus, to create a fairer society that avoids discrimination while disregarding a war zone of haggles, a clear salary range should be indicated.


Astute job seekers will assess an opportunity based on the presentation of a job listing. If a company is incapable of allocating a fixed budget to their manpower, it suggests a deficiency in the management. Thus, it is important to build confidence from your future staff right at the beginning.

The Adult Thing to Do

Finally, it is axiomatic that compensation is an integral factor in employment. We should not discount the need for survival and the support of families in other people. It is embarrassing and degrading to reserve the discussion of salary right up to the end of an interview. It is a job opening, not a voluntary effort.


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